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Extended Essay: Citations & Referencing

OWL: On-Line Writing Lab at Purdue

OWL is a GREAT site for additional questions you have about all things MLA!

Sample MLA Works Cited Page

Charts & Graphs MLA Citations

How to Cite a Screen Shot

From The MLA Style Center

In-Person Interviews

Telephone Interview

MLA Works Cited: References and Formatting | Scribbr

The Basics of MLA In-text Citations | Scribbr

Email Interviews

How to Cite an Artwork Seen On-Line

Citing Tweets

Note: If you are using a screenshot of a tweet in your paper, you label it "Fig.1" (or 2, or 3, and so on) and then follow that with the whole works cited entry of that Tweet. if the Tweet itself is very long you can use the first 3-5 words of it, but the entire tweet would be in the works cited entry.

Zoterobib Citation Tool

ZoteroBib helps you build a bibliography instantly from any computer or device, without creating an account or installing any software.