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Extended Essay: Locate Resources

Research Tools

Google Book Search

Boolean Operators

Questions for Videos on This Page

Please watch the three videos on this page, and then answer the questions below based on them.

1. Scholarly vs. Popular Articles Video: In your own words, what is the main difference between scholarly (also called "peer-reviewed and popular articles? Which do you think you need more for your EE? 

2. How Do Articles Get Peer-Reviewed Video: What did you used to think it meant for an article to be "peer-reviewed"? What do you    think now?

3. Boolean Operators: What are the three main Boolean Operators? Which ones limit a search? Which one broadens it?

Scholarly (or "peer-reviewed") vs. Popular Articles

How Do Articles Get Peer-Reviewed?

Using Wikipedia for the Extended Essay

Smart Searching

Source: Common Sense Education