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Extended Essay: Integrating Quotes

Sample Article

Step one: Read the above article (click on the image to link to it).

Step two: Capture the Heart: Summarize the heart of this article's main point(s) in three sentences or less.

Step three: Answer the following questions about how in-text citations are used within this article:

  1. Where are quotes being integrated?
  2. How are quotes being integrated?
  3. Identify signal phrases that are being used.
  4. Where would you need citations?

Step Four: Claim & Support


  1. Make a claim about something the author is asserting and integrate a direct quote using a signal phrase and parenthetical citation.
  2. Make a second claim and integrate a direct quote in a different way to support your claim.

Helpful Hints:


  • Refer to the handout "The Lowdown on In-Text Citations" to help you with this (also linked on this libguide page).
  • Refer to page 20 of the DP Academic Skills Handbook for "How to Integrate Quotes."
  • Refer to page 24 of the DP Academic Skills Handbook for "The Language of Analysis"- a list of verbs you can use to express yourself more powerfully when doing analytical writing.



Summary Sheet on Integrating Quotations