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Extended Essay: Criterion D: Presentation

Extended Essay Criterion D

How To Order Your Paper

  • Cover page
  • Table of Contents
  • Body of essay
  • Works Cited

Sample EE Cover Page

Sample Table of Contents

Formal Elements

Do NOT put your name / candidate number / or school anywhere on EE

Cover page should have these four items centered:

- Subject

- Category (where applicable)

- Research Question

- Session (May 2019)

- Word count at bottom

Other required formatting guidelines:

- Times New Roman font size 12

- Page number top right-hand corner (Do NOT write "p." or "page" or "pp" - just the number)

- 1" margins (2.54 centimeters)

- Double-spaced (no additional spacing between paragraphs)

- When labeling tables and figures, simply write "Table 1" or "Figure 2", capital letter, no abbreviations, no bold

- 10MB max upload size

- File type: Word or PDF

- Properly formatted Works Cited page (remember: NO bullets, NO numbers- just alphabetized using hanging indentation)- Do NOT call this a "bibliography"- for MLA formatting it is called Works Cited.



Sample MLA Works Cited Page

Note: Please see the "citations and referencing" tab on this guide to find additional information in the DP Academic Skills Handbook.

Formatting and Submission Checklist

Click on this link to access the Google Form of the image below. Then, go to "file" and select "make a copy." You can then have a record of items you still need to address before your final EE upload.